Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Funny Husband

From Sally's Blog-A Warm Conversation
This is a picture of our new bedding set and it has a funny story that goes along with it. We got it about a month ago when Jeremiah and I went to Bed, Bath and Beyond to use the last of our wedding gift cards. I was browsing through the clearance section, who doesn't love a good clearance bargain, and I spotted this bed spread. Jeremiah was off admiring the down pillows and I started to design how I would decorate the room around this bedspread and a set of lamps we got as a wedding gift. In my head I was only thinking of one set of regular pillows and one set of regular shams on top of the bed. I imagined that Jeremiah would think more than that would be ridiculous...oh how I was completely wrong. I took the bedspread to Jeremiah and said that I think we should buy a bedding set with our gift money and he quickly agreed, shocker #1. "Ok" I said, "I will try to find the matching sheets and bedspread in the clearance section." He walked back over with me and said, "can we get all these pillows that are in this picture too?"
Shocked moment #2, and thinking that he was joking I said "sure if you really want them." Then he receded to tell me that since he was a little boy he had always wanted a bed with a lot of pillows!!! Yes, that's shocker #3!!! "Is this my husband?" I stood there thinking, "is this the man that grew up in a twin bed with no mismatch sheets and any blanket that was warm enough for the season?" I didn't want to discourage him though so I kept my cool and simply said, "if you want to, sure". I was in utter shock but happily found all the pieces to complete the set, including Euro pillows for the Euro shams. BTW, I got the whole set for 72% off the original price!!! After that we finished using our gift cards, checked out and went home. Ready for some more shockers??? When we got home Miah asked if we could put our new bed set together and so we did, he was very proud when he saw all the pillows. Then, the next morning and just about every morning since then...HE HAS MADE THE BED AND LOVINGLY ARRANGED ALL THE PILLOWS WITH SUCH CARE!!! Now if he knew I was writing all of this for the public to read he would be embarrassed and maybe annoyed but I think it is so cute and adorable and I am pretty sure he doesn't read my blog anymore. I just wanted to share this story because he surprises me everyday and I love him more and more each day now that we are married and under the same roof. We are learning and loving so much more now. :)

P.S. later on I will share my ideas for the room and show you my lamps!!!