Thursday, March 21, 2013

I'm here!!!

Before you write me off as another one of those bloggers that just fades away, I do have some pretty good excuses.

 Reason #1 being that my iMac (which happens to be on right now) has pretty much died. Every once in a while I can get it to turn on and today I just happened to be in luck. I do have an iPad but blogging on that never seems to be fun. So without a computer at home during the day I have been very limited and not blogging. Jeremiah does have a laptop but he takes it to work and by the time he gets home I am too pooped to blog.

Reason #2, I am 27 weeks pregnant!!! I feel so bad because I haven't even blogged one word about our sweet bundle of joy that will be here around June 15th. So to mock the real announcements of Eli's pregnancy on this blog, here are some mini posts within this big post...

We're EXPECTING Baby #2 in June!!! 
The pregnancy was planned although it happened much faster than expected.  Jeremiah and all of his 5 siblings are 20-22 months apart and he wanted our children to be the same so we tried, and BAM we got PREGNANT!  Eli and this little one will be 21 months apart so while I expect to have my hands full for a while, we are hoping they will get along great.

About the gender...

Of course we went early to find out what we were having, just like with Eli and we found out in December that we are having a baby girl.  In January it was confirmed by Sharp Rees-Stealy and we got this cute profile shot of our little girl to be.
We decided to name her, 

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Which we love...Jeremiah came up with the first name and Ruth is my twin sisters as well as my paternal grandmothers name.

And here I am 27 weeks pregnant...

I have lots more to share, emotions, excitement, nursery ideas, etc but that is the quick catch up.

Reason #3, I have been watching my sweet nephew since October and with 2 little boys to manage I never have a free moment to sit down let alone blog about life's happenings.  Eli is really enjoying having Preston here on a daily basis and it has been good for him to learn about sharing with littler ones.

So for now, that is the catch up.  I am here, I am well and life is GOOD.

Oh and here is a pic of me with my little love bug...
 He is getting so big and I have so much to share about him because he is so full of life and energy and kisses all the time.  Till then...