Saturday, May 23, 2009

It's been 1 week so far!

I miss all of it already :(

We are still moving stuff in and learning to live together but so far it has been really fun and really hectic; we barely got home and both of us got right back into working.  Luckily we booked our tickets to Italy from June 6th till June 22nd so we are very excited about that.  

Reception later...

P.S. the song "Soulmate" by Josh Turner in the playlist was our 1st dance song.  I love the sound of Josh Turners voice, so smooth.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Our Wedding

Just a few shots from Saturday...more to come :)

P.S. It was a wonderful day, despite the heat, and everything I could have hoped for.

Friday, May 15, 2009

night before

It's the night before the wedding and as I sit here watching my sister, Jenna and Jessica make the boutinierres for the wedding and I am still kind of in shock that in 16 hours I will be a married woman. It seems like I have been not just waiting for this for 11 years but for my whole life. I have always dreamed of my wedding day and honestly it has been everything that I ever hoped for so far. It is totally family style where everyone has helped set up and it is a total group effort and I think that has made it so much more special. I will not only remember the day but all the fun times before when I got to hang out with all my close friends who were totally there for me to do whatever I need. They won't let me do anything, not even make my flowers and I am a florist, they are so good.

I don't have time to go on and on but again my heart is full and I am very happy. I can't wait to me married to the love of my life. So much to follow soon, maybe I will blog tomorrow if I have time. :):):)

Thursday, May 7, 2009

My Loving Parents

So I was looking through some old pictures on my computer and I came across this and thought "I must post this!"  Obviously these are my parents, circa 1976, don't they look so cute :).  To make this picture even better, they are still happily married after 33 years!!!  They are great role models in love for Jeremiah and I as we start our new life together.  

Don't you just love my dads white TUX and white shoes!?!?!  I wish you could see my moms shoes in this picture, they were white patent leather high heeled mary janes with flower cut outs on top...super cute!!!

Only a few more days and I will be Mrs. John Jeremiah Gonzalez :):):)

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


On top of all the other excitement right sister called me yesterday to tell me that my ALL time favorite band is going back on tour, CREED!!!!!  I have always always loved Creed and no one understands it but I just love their music and the feelings behind the songs.  A lot of people hate Creed but I LOVE LOVE LOVE them and can not wait to see them in concert in September.  My sister and I saw them at COX arena years ago and they were excellent.  As an ode to them I have completely redone my play list and replaced all the songs with Creed songs.  They were previously broken up and the lead singer Scott Stapp tried to release his own album but like so many that try to branch out on their own, the music just wasn't the same.  I have always wished and hoped that they would reunite and I am ecstatic that they finally have.  

All of their songs are written by Scott and the lyrics have a lot of strength and emotion behind them, just the kind of music I love to hear.  I love it when a song has a meaning to the singer because you can hear the emotion every word.  The lead singer, Scott Stapp, was raised in a very religious household and he rebelled against religion for a long time but you can here the religious foundation in his lyrics and they are beautiful.  Can't wait :):):):)!!!!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A little Teaser :)

Just thought I would post this as a little preview of the times ahead :).  I love it!!!!!