Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sure, I'm up for it...

Guess it's off to the Dollar Tree for me!  Wish me luck that I can find something cute :)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Darla visits Maddy

The other day my sister-in-law, Marcie, brought her girls over to visit and poor Madeline was the highlight of my nieces afternoon.  My ever entertaining and really sweet niece loves Madeline, like really really loves Madeline!  She hugs her and sits with her and squeezes her until her already buggy eyes bugg out even more.  When Maddy hears them coming she tries to climb up my leg and looks at me like "please mommy pick me up".  She even tries to find refuge in her bed but the girls know exactly where it is and will always find her.

Well on this particular day Maddy was enduring some pretty "tight" (aka neck squeezing) attention from my niece and Marcie said, "doesn't she look like Darla from Nemo?"  I looked over and she did!  She had this look in her eye that was saying "I am going to squeeze Maddy till she knows how much I love her."  Poor Maddy, she is only used to being around Jeremiah and I or at my parents with the other small dogs so all this love from our nieces is sometimes a little too much for her.  I try not to save her to much though because I think it is good for her to play with the girls, they chase and chase her till they can get a hold of her and then they just hold and hold her.

Here is a picture of my niece holding her and then a little clip of Darla from Nemo, enjoy :)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Our quick trip to Sequim, WA

Hi all!  Remember my post a few weeks back about being  CRAZY SALLY sometimes???  The post was all about how sometimes I have "blonde" moments, this time in particular I accidentally made plane tickets for 3 weeks later than I thought.  Well, we finally made the trip and here are a few photos from that quick little 47 hour, yes that's right 47 hour, trip to see our cousin Sarah, her beautiful baby boy Jonathan, her oh so cute and super sweet soon to be husband Chris and our Auntie Cheryl. 

It was a fast trip but we had a really good time and took some really cool pictures.  These are a few but the majority were taken on Sarah's camera, mostly of an amazing hike we went on.  Oh well, maybe someday I will get them from her and show you all how the woods reminded me of Twilight and then tell you how I had a dream that Jacob and Edward were fighting over me, Jacob won ;).  That's a whole other story for a later post.  (Sequim is just east of Forks and La Push on the 101, we were so close!!!) Is my inner Twilight obsessed teeny bopper side showing a little to much? I'll put her away for now :)

Moving on...these first 2 pictures are at the water that is just a short 5 minute walk to the end of their street.  Sequim is on the Dungeness Bay in Washington and just across the water to the southeast of Victoria, Canada.
From Sequim, WA
From Sequim, WA
This one is of their cute home.
From Sequim, WA
This one is the view as we drove onto the ferry to get back to Seattle.
From Sequim, WA
From Sequim, WA
I would put pictures on here of Jonathan but Sarah and Chris don't want him posted on the internet so I will respect their parental wishes. I will say though that he is so super cute with the cutest natural mohawk of curls on top of his head :).

It was such a beautiful place, so green and lush, I wish we could live there but still be close to our families here.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

I miss you!!!

I have been longing so bad to blog on my personal blog and totally drop my "work" blog but I just naven't had the time :(.  Ever since the Bridal Bazaar at the end of January I have been crazy with appointments, writing up flower estimates and keeping up the ol' Ex B blog.  I have such grand ideas and fun things to write about throughout my crazy days but by the time I am done working and ready to sit down and tell a funny story I draw a blank.  I sit...and sit...and sit...and can never remember the hilarious thing that I wanted to share, it makes me sad :(.  PLUS, I don't have a camera, thanks sister!!!!  So I can't post all the fun projects I have been doing around the house or the places I have gone or the people I have seen.  They are lost forever only to be remembered in my mind and not permanently captured for all eternity, insert sad face again, :(. 

Okay so maybe I am being a tad bit dramatic, I do have a few shots of my sis and I's trip to Washington to see our cousin Sarah's beautiful baby but they are on her camera so I can't share them :(.  Soon, I am hoping. 

However, I CAN review a few movies I have seen lately...
1)  Valentines Day:  mediocre version of Love Actually.  Corny, very cheesy and with all those actors you would have thought that they had all forgotten how to act.  I mean really it was rediculaous!  The story was ok and it did involve a florist and a trip to the LA Flower Market which was exciting for me but overall I would give it a C+. 
2)  Wolfman:  waste of $12.00 (P.S. when did movies jump up to $12.00?)  it was the same old story of a guy who gets bit and then becomes a werewolf, falls in love with a girl and trys to be better than the monster that he is.  I mean really can we come up with a better story than that?  It was so elementary that I was suprised it even made it to the big screen!  At least if he had looked like Jacob, was madly in love with a girl he couldn't have and ached with pain that makes you just want to be his Bella than I could have gotten into it.  I guess we'll just have to wait for the next Twilight to be entertained.  Wolfman did not do the job!

3)  When in Rome:  Entertaining but not excellent.  Cute but not Sweet Home Alabama.  Kinda dorky, kinda corny.  That's all I have to say really :) wonderful husband has so graciously agreed to take me to see my one and only true love (well hollywood true love) Leonardo DiCaprio tonight at MIDNIGHT to see Shutter Island!!!!!  I can't wait, I am excited to see him but kind of scared because I HATE scary movies :/.  Full review tomorrow, I hope. 

Well thanks for listening, this turned out to be better than I expected.  When I start ranting I tend to go on and on so maybe I should come on and vent more often. 

Let me know if anyone has seen those movies and what you thought.  :)