Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Darla visits Maddy

The other day my sister-in-law, Marcie, brought her girls over to visit and poor Madeline was the highlight of my nieces afternoon.  My ever entertaining and really sweet niece loves Madeline, like really really loves Madeline!  She hugs her and sits with her and squeezes her until her already buggy eyes bugg out even more.  When Maddy hears them coming she tries to climb up my leg and looks at me like "please mommy pick me up".  She even tries to find refuge in her bed but the girls know exactly where it is and will always find her.

Well on this particular day Maddy was enduring some pretty "tight" (aka neck squeezing) attention from my niece and Marcie said, "doesn't she look like Darla from Nemo?"  I looked over and she did!  She had this look in her eye that was saying "I am going to squeeze Maddy till she knows how much I love her."  Poor Maddy, she is only used to being around Jeremiah and I or at my parents with the other small dogs so all this love from our nieces is sometimes a little too much for her.  I try not to save her to much though because I think it is good for her to play with the girls, they chase and chase her till they can get a hold of her and then they just hold and hold her.

Here is a picture of my niece holding her and then a little clip of Darla from Nemo, enjoy :)

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Shannon said...

SO funny. Our niece looks adorable - she looks so much older than when I was out there a few months ago.