Thursday, February 18, 2010

I miss you!!!

I have been longing so bad to blog on my personal blog and totally drop my "work" blog but I just naven't had the time :(.  Ever since the Bridal Bazaar at the end of January I have been crazy with appointments, writing up flower estimates and keeping up the ol' Ex B blog.  I have such grand ideas and fun things to write about throughout my crazy days but by the time I am done working and ready to sit down and tell a funny story I draw a blank.  I sit...and sit...and sit...and can never remember the hilarious thing that I wanted to share, it makes me sad :(.  PLUS, I don't have a camera, thanks sister!!!!  So I can't post all the fun projects I have been doing around the house or the places I have gone or the people I have seen.  They are lost forever only to be remembered in my mind and not permanently captured for all eternity, insert sad face again, :(. 

Okay so maybe I am being a tad bit dramatic, I do have a few shots of my sis and I's trip to Washington to see our cousin Sarah's beautiful baby but they are on her camera so I can't share them :(.  Soon, I am hoping. 

However, I CAN review a few movies I have seen lately...
1)  Valentines Day:  mediocre version of Love Actually.  Corny, very cheesy and with all those actors you would have thought that they had all forgotten how to act.  I mean really it was rediculaous!  The story was ok and it did involve a florist and a trip to the LA Flower Market which was exciting for me but overall I would give it a C+. 
2)  Wolfman:  waste of $12.00 (P.S. when did movies jump up to $12.00?)  it was the same old story of a guy who gets bit and then becomes a werewolf, falls in love with a girl and trys to be better than the monster that he is.  I mean really can we come up with a better story than that?  It was so elementary that I was suprised it even made it to the big screen!  At least if he had looked like Jacob, was madly in love with a girl he couldn't have and ached with pain that makes you just want to be his Bella than I could have gotten into it.  I guess we'll just have to wait for the next Twilight to be entertained.  Wolfman did not do the job!

3)  When in Rome:  Entertaining but not excellent.  Cute but not Sweet Home Alabama.  Kinda dorky, kinda corny.  That's all I have to say really :) wonderful husband has so graciously agreed to take me to see my one and only true love (well hollywood true love) Leonardo DiCaprio tonight at MIDNIGHT to see Shutter Island!!!!!  I can't wait, I am excited to see him but kind of scared because I HATE scary movies :/.  Full review tomorrow, I hope. 

Well thanks for listening, this turned out to be better than I expected.  When I start ranting I tend to go on and on so maybe I should come on and vent more often. 

Let me know if anyone has seen those movies and what you thought.  :)

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Shannon said...

I saw 'When In Rome'. Light, fun entertainment. Cheezy. I liked the muscle guy. Especially the part about "If you can't hold on to the dashboard you can hold on to the washboard".
I have been trying to focus on the Oscar nominees but haven't made it very far yet. Have you seen Up In The Air? I liked that one, its a little slow but worth it.