Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Today I got a new haircut and took a new belly photo!  I have been wanting to cut my hair for sometime now and finally did it.  I love love love it and it feels so fun.  I also decided to take a belly photo (sorry both of these are taken from my iMac computer so they aren't the best quality) since I have been really bad about documenting the belly growth.  Everyday I wake up feeling bigger and bigger, can't imagine what 9 months will look like :). 

I am feeling really good these days and staying busy.  Jeremiah and I went to a "Meet the Mid-Wives" meeting last night and really enjoyed the presentation, we had already made our decision but it really re-affirmed our choice to use the mid-wives and birthing center at UCSD and was very interesting to listen to.  We are excited and anxious to see how it will all go and are really looking forward to September. 

Monday, May 16, 2011

2 years already (well 13 to be exact)

2 years ago today Jeremiah and I were married in Calistoga.  I will spare you all of the gushy details about how much I love him and how I could never imagine my life with out the boy (now man) I fell in love with at 16 but I really do love him.
 (BVHS class of 1998 graduation)
I am always shocked when I meet a 16 year old girl or when one of my cousins turn 16 and I think how young I was to meet my soul mate at that age, how young I was to even seriously date!  I thought I was so grown up and so mature , back in 1998, but I was really just a baby.  In a way though, being with Jeremiah makes me feel like I am still 16.  Yeah, yeah so we're married now and have a house and now we're growing a baby but in so many ways I still feel like the 16 year old hurdle running girl that agreed to be his "girl".  Even better than that, he still makes me feel more special and more loved everyday.  It has been amazing to grow up with Jeremiah and I wouldn't have wanted it any other way, so to my wonderful husband and the father of Baby Eli...
Happy Anniversary 
I love so very very much!

(Okay so maybe there was a little "gushy" in there)

Monday, May 2, 2011

The Royal Wedding

Who didn't watch? Who didn't gush like a baby like I did?

I thought that everything looked beautiful and I was totally sucked into the fairy tale idea behind it all.  I have had a long love affair with the Royal Family and the idea of English Royalty, it is just so intriguing and romantic to me.  I even have books of Dianas wedding and William and Harry's childhood from when I was a little girl, I have always loved to watch them.  Basically I love everything ROYAL!

My favorite parts of the wedding...
  • any moment that showed William, he looked so happy and so excited about marrying Kate
  • Kates dress...to die for!
  • their double kiss on the balcony
  • when Kate walked up the aisle and Harry too was beaming with love, pride and excitement for his older brother
Weddings are such an intimate affair (even when there are 1900 guests and millions of viewers) and it is the little moments between the couple that are so special, so to see it all was such a treat.  One would think that since I work in the wedding industry I wouldn't get that emotional, but seeing a bride in her gown and a groom waiting to see her ALWAYS brings me to tears.