Monday, May 2, 2011

The Royal Wedding

Who didn't watch? Who didn't gush like a baby like I did?

I thought that everything looked beautiful and I was totally sucked into the fairy tale idea behind it all.  I have had a long love affair with the Royal Family and the idea of English Royalty, it is just so intriguing and romantic to me.  I even have books of Dianas wedding and William and Harry's childhood from when I was a little girl, I have always loved to watch them.  Basically I love everything ROYAL!

My favorite parts of the wedding...
  • any moment that showed William, he looked so happy and so excited about marrying Kate
  • Kates die for!
  • their double kiss on the balcony
  • when Kate walked up the aisle and Harry too was beaming with love, pride and excitement for his older brother
Weddings are such an intimate affair (even when there are 1900 guests and millions of viewers) and it is the little moments between the couple that are so special, so to see it all was such a treat.  One would think that since I work in the wedding industry I wouldn't get that emotional, but seeing a bride in her gown and a groom waiting to see her ALWAYS brings me to tears.

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