Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Today I got a new haircut and took a new belly photo!  I have been wanting to cut my hair for sometime now and finally did it.  I love love love it and it feels so fun.  I also decided to take a belly photo (sorry both of these are taken from my iMac computer so they aren't the best quality) since I have been really bad about documenting the belly growth.  Everyday I wake up feeling bigger and bigger, can't imagine what 9 months will look like :). 

I am feeling really good these days and staying busy.  Jeremiah and I went to a "Meet the Mid-Wives" meeting last night and really enjoyed the presentation, we had already made our decision but it really re-affirmed our choice to use the mid-wives and birthing center at UCSD and was very interesting to listen to.  We are excited and anxious to see how it will all go and are really looking forward to September. 

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