Wednesday, June 8, 2011

100 days left!!!

According to we only 100 days till baby Eli gets here!  I have been feeling good, working hard and trying to stay rested through wedding season, 11 weddings to go I'll be done.  I have a new 25.5 weeks belly picture to share,  taken with the ol' Blackberry since Jeremiah has my camera as usual.  Getting bigger by the day and starting to notice that I am getting up from bed, the couch or a low car just a little slower. 
We are all signed up for childbirth and breastfeeding class next month and looking forward to talking about birth plans and expectations for the day.

We decided to use the Birth Center at UCSD (the only birth center in a hospital west of the Rockies) and are excited about our choice.  It is interesting because we have the comfort and mind set of a birthing center with mid-wives and tubs and regular 4 post beds but it is all in the UCSD hospital so if anything goes wrong at anytime, you can be rushed off to the regular labor & delivery unit.  A lot of people think I am crazy for choosing this route but I want to give an honest try at completely natural child birth so that I can have a faster recovery and to see what it is all about.  I figure if women all over the world can give birth without drugs or intervention then being that I am a completely healthy woman with no complications (thus far) I can do it.  I may be screaming and yelling and telling a certain spouse I hate him but I think I can do it.  We'll see how it all goes :).

In home decorating news, I finally finally got the paint to paint our master bedroom this week but it is a little more Caribbean turquoise than I wanted and I need to take it back to add a little white and lighten it up but hopefully our master bedroom will be done this weekend.  Then it will be onto the nursery!  Here is my inspiration picture again...

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redheadchick said...

You look fantastic! And great choice on the name, two of my friends have had Eli's so far this year, love that name....and choice of color by the way. Our master bedroom is slightly greener than that but we have a cream bedspread and it looks wonderful together! Good choice!