Tuesday, June 21, 2011

No finished Master Bedroom pictures :(

Well it's painted, curtains have been ordered, baseboards behind my humongeous (is that a real word? If so, is that how you spell it?) desk are in and bookshelves are gone. That's really as far as we got but it is already so much better than before.  Our decorating came to a sudden hault because of the amount of weddings I have going on right now.  Next week I will have more time to finish the final touches and update with more pictures.

However, I will document a new belly photo of me at 27 weeks...I'm getting bigger!  I had someone ask me yesterday when I was due because I look like I am ready to go, :( thanks!

Baby Eli is kicking and moving and rolling and it is so weird to see a hand or leg roll across my stomach and while it feels really neat, it also feels kinda creepy. 


Shannon said...

What a cute maternity outfit! You look so happy and cute :)

redheadchick said...

You are freakin' adorable!