Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Totally lagging

I am officially 30 weeks and 4 days and really lagging and falling behind on my personal "To Do" list.  I am feeling overwhelmed by the remaining 6 weddings left in my wedding season and just can't get ahead of the game as I get more and more tired.  I am super excited for all the weddings to be over because then I can be super excited about meeting baby Eli in September and finishing all these personal things on my to do list. 

On top of that, the summer is flying by and I am not getting to enjoy it because of all these weddings!  Don't get me wrong, I love my job and I love the freedom of being self employed but sometimes I envy the people that are at the beach or enjoying the sun on the weekends when I am frantically setting up wedding arches and putting out centerpieces.  Guess that is just the price I pay though for the freedom to do what I want during the week. 

Just a little vent session, sorry.

On a more fun note...we have a Gonzalez wedding coming up in a week and a half which means lots of family will be here from Texas to celebrate and visit.  I can't wait to see everyone and share in such a fun time.  Here is a picture of my brother -in-law and his future wife when they 1st started dating back in 2008...
 and here is them at our wedding, she caught the bouquet (ok so maybe I chucked it at her) and he caught the garter...
Hope to have lots of pictures from their big day to share.

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