Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Sneak Peak Nursery

Ok, so I only have the crib complete but I am already getting so excited to see baby Eli sleeping in it!!!  My mom and I were going to make the bedding ourselves but as my due date is quickly approaching, the idea of one more project seemed too hard.  Instead I decided to go on to find something cute, anyone notice how has even cuter stuff online than in the store?  Anyway, I found this set and decided it was perfect.

It introduces orange to the color scheme which I LOVE LOVE LOVE and decided that spending $80 for a set is well worth the cost and a much better idea than making everything from scratch.

The crib I got on for $40 brand new in the box!  Steal!  However, it came walnut so Jeremiah had to paint it semi-gloss white.  Don't worry, I checked online and asked the guys at Home Depot and they told me that spray painting a crib is perfectly safe and Lead free.  Actually the Home Depot paint guys exact words were, "Do you know where the paint on cribs from stores come from? China! You don't even want to know what is in that stuff" and I totally agree.  Plus the crib rails came with plastic guards so if Eli turns out to be a chewer, he will only be able to chew on plastic and not paint.  Soooo, without further adieu, here is the crib...

I love it so much and all I want to do is go in there and look at it :):):).  By the way, that cute baby blue elephant in the crib is from Eli's sweet cousin Ethan who specially picked it out for him because thier names start with E's and so does Elephant :).

My mom came over yesterday and painted his dresser for me and it is in the room but I am waiting for the paint to cure a little more before I place things on it and decorate it; those pictures to follow soon.  Count down begins...only 1 month and 6 days till our due date!


ruthie said...

i want to stare at the crib too! i kept pulling it up on my email yesterday just to look at how cute it is. can't wait
! :)

Shannon said...

Love the crib and bedding! Ethan will be so proud too :)