Friday, August 19, 2011

A 2nd Baby Shower

Some girlfriends and my sister threw me a 2nd baby shower since we were unable to invite everyone to the 1st shower and it was such a fun and intimate day. 
 The food was brought by many girls and was all delicious.
 The cute banner, made by my sister, from the 1st shower was brought over and displayed so cute!

 Lots of babies joined us :) (furture girlfriends of Eli)

 I got to hang out with fold and new friends, my oldest friend there was Caroline who I have known since kindergarden!

 The outdoor table set up was an eclectic mix of various chairs and table cloths and turned my sisters seemingly small backyard into the perfect party area.

 My sister and mom bought me this beautiful b.mookie custom necklace with Eli's name stamped in it.

It was such a wonderful day and it was so fun to see all my girlfriends together!

Thank you again Sister and everyone who helped!!!  <3


redheadchick said...

What a great time!

Shannon said...

What cool pictures. Love the stamped necklace :)

Caroline B said...

What a fun day! You are so cute :)

b.mookiƩ said...

I missed this post! Yeah, it turned out great! ;)

stevenjared0853 said...

Great to look at your blog!! Hope you had a lovely baby shower. It reminded me of my sister’s baby shower at one of local Los Angeles event venues. It was awesome and event planners were hired there that made this day fantastic with their work.