Tuesday, August 16, 2011

1 month from today...

or maybe less, we'll meet Baby Eli!!!

I am officially on maternity leave and getting really excited about meeting our little one in a month or less.  All of a sudden the past 8 months feel like they have just flown by and I can't believe that we are so close. 

I officially went on maternity leave yesterday and all of a sudden I am feeling the aches and pains that everyone told me would come along with the 3rd trimester.  My belly is feeling more and more heavy, I can feel Eli pressing on my bladder and creating pressure on my pelvis, my feet are beginning to really swell, no matter what I eat I get heartburn and I can no longer get up from the couch without a lot of rolling around or someone to pull me up.  I really do think that my body held out on all these symptoms till it knew I was completely done with weddings and all the physical labor that comes along with them.  I am really enjoying the idea of Baby Eli being here though, I am getting so excited and want to wash all his clothes already.  Is it to early? It all looks so cute and tiny and I can't wait to get him in the little onesies and sleepers and then I look at the older clothes and just imagine him toddling around holding Jeremiahs hand and smiling.  I am also getting really curious to see what he is going to look like.  Can't wait to find out soon!

The nursery is still not done, I bought some shelves to hang above the dresser which I think I will do after I am done with this post and hope to have pictures soon.  We are waiting for our rocker/recliner to come in from Babies r Us and I still need someone to do some touch up trim painting, oh and of course the baseboards!  Baseboards have become an enemy of mine, I buy them and then they never get installed.  I am still waiting for them to be installed in the living room 2 years later.  I can't wait to get that space finished so I can share it on here and so that I can sit in there waiting for Eli to arrive.  Oh and I need an area rug too.  Guess I have lots to do and hopefully I can get it done soon.

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