Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Another Nursery update

Are you tired of nursery and baby posts yet?  I'm getting more and more excited so I hope that I'm not boring you cause I am having fun.  I have a few updated pictures to share, not "done" pictures but "in progress" pictures.  First up, like I said in my update from yesterday, I painted the cabinets above the closet and the surrounding trim high gloss white. Here are the before and afters...

So I know the pictures look awfully plain here but I will be taking down the doors and hanging to printed curtains that match the crib bedding just as soon as I run to Target and get some rods to hang on the inside of the closet ledge, then it will look lots more FUN!  (BTW, that weird cabinet wall thingy on the Left is an old fold out ironing board cabinet with the ironing board in it but the lever on it is broken so it is un-usable; it does add to the old charm though, doesn't it?)

The next thing that was accomplished yesterday was that our new living room rug came in so I decided to try the old rug out in the nursery.  I am not 100% sold but for now it works and actually warms the room up a little.  Oh and please ignore the pile of car seat boxes/strollers/swings in the pictures, that is where the rocker/recliner will go and we have yet to install the car seat so it is just sitting there with the other misc items that need to be placed or put together.

Today, I am going to attempt "Operation Baseboards" because I am tired of complaining about them and just ready to have them installed.  Wish me luck!

Oh and if you are curious about that the new living room rug looks like, here is a wide shot and a cute picture of Maddy making herself comfy on it.

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redheadchick said...

Love it! What an adorable nursery!