Thursday, August 30, 2012

Pacific NW Vacay

Our trip broken down by days...
Day 1: arrived in Portland, walked around downtown Portland (especially loved the Pearl District), let Eli play in the fountain, it was HOT!

Day 2:  Headed to the Oregon coast to cool off, stopped in Astoria to browse the shops, had some clam chowder, walked along Cannon Beach

Day 3:  had breakfast with an old friend, went to the Portland Rose Garden, took Eli to play at the playground

Day4:  laid low, went on the Twilight tour in my bro-in-laws home town, Jeremy's mom (bro-in-law) had a family party so all the Oregon family could meet baby Preston

Day 5:  ventured off to Seattle, walked around Pikes Market, fell in LOVE with all the dahlias, ate lunch, watched the sunset over the Puget Sound and played in the sand

Day 6: visited the Space Needle, saw where Christian Gray lives! (totally drove by on accident), rode the ferry over to Brisbane Island, drove back to Portland

Day 7:  visited Multomanah falls, hiked in the Gorge and hung out at Punchbowl falls, watched Jeremiah cliff jump from lower Punchbowl falls

Day 8:  visited Voodoo donuts, came home :(

We definitely look forward to going back and had such a wonderful time with my sister, Jeremy and his family.