Sunday, August 12, 2012

Eli's !st Birthday Inspiration

After thinking long and hard about what to do for Eli's birthday party (can't believe he'll be a year next month!) we decided to go with a bug theme.  His favorite clip to watch on our phones or iPad is the Ugly Bug Ball song from Summer Magic.  My family grew up watching Summer Magic, with Haley Mills, and one day my sister showed it to Eli and he went crazy.  He has loved the clip ever since.

We wanted to choose a theme that really represented him so we thought why not bugs since he loves the Ugly Bug Ball song.

I started pinning all kinds of ideas on Pinterest and ended up on combining a bug party for the kids with a family movie night in the back are my ideas.

I definitely want to stick to primary colors with the majority of the hues being oranges, blues and greens.  I love the idea of giving little bug holders (is that what they are called) as gift bags.

A candy bar with bug inspired candies will be a must.

And an area to showcase Eli's 1st year of photos will be so much fun to create.

As I was searching for party ideas I found this picture which then inspired me to throw an optional family movie night for whomever wants to stay after the party.  I have to admit that I am most excited about this part.  The idea of cozy-ing up under the stars seems so fun.

I will be sure to share all the actual pictures after my big boy turns ONE.


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