Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Crazy Sally

Ok, so I am a total BLONDE sometimes, I do things that are so dumb because I am so impulsive and do things so fast without thinking. My sister and Jeremiah call them "Sally Moments". This one is pretty "Sally-ish".

Ok so this is how it starts, my cousin Sarah who lives in Sequim, Washington (which happens to be just a few miles from Forks, WA the home of Bella Swan and Edward Cullen but that's another story and obsession for another time) just had a beautiful baby boy in early December. Since we (my sister and I) were raised with Sarah as practically our triplet it is a given that we would be traveling up to Sequim to see the baby. So last week my sister and I finalize our travel dates and decide that we will be flying to Seattle on the 16th of January and then returning late on the 18th. This is the perfect weekend because it is Martin Luther King weekend and a bank holiday which works perfect for my sister who have a bank job. Alrighty, so the date was set and all I had to do was go on Expedia and book the tickets. No problem right? WRONG! Anyway as the story continues, I log onto Expedia early last week and notice that the fares have started to go up. "Oh no" I thought I better book immediately because I don't want them to go up anymore. Soooooo, I hurriedly pick the flights (really crappy ones I might add because that was all I could find) click book, enter the cc info and "voila!" we are off to Seattle and then onto Sequim on the 16th.

I feel relieved and send the itinerary to my sister who calls me to tell me that the flights suck because we will end up being there for only 1 full day. She suggests that I call and see if we can leave one day later and she will take a vacation day on the 19th. "OK" I respond and log back into Expedia to see if I can make those changes. The answer as all of us travelers know is "Absolutely NOT" right? But you see, that is NOT the issue...the issue is that my itinerary says that our flights are for Feb. 6th through the 8th!!!!! Not even in the month of January!!!! I start to panic, look at the computer screen a million times to make sure I am reading it right and then immediately start calling Expedia and the airline company to tell them my mistake and that I desperately need to make a change before my sister finds out. What is the answer I get from everyone including 2 managers that I spoke to, "Well yes Miss Sally (I am speaking to outsourcing in Asia) you can change but it will be $150 per traveler". That is more than each round trip ticket cost!!!! After much pleading and practically crying they would NOT budge and so I had to call me sister and tell her what happened. Now, just as a side note...I was not afraid to call my sister to tell her because she is mean, but I knew she would make fun of me and say what a Sally move that was. That is EXACTLY what she did! She laughed and said "typical Sally, I am not surprised at all". So in the end, we are going to Sequim the 1st weekend in February and we have horrible flights.

I tried to take donations on Facebook but no one donated :(.

P.S. Did I ever tell the story on here about how I made Jeremiah and I miss our flight home from our honeymoon in Italy by like 8 hours??? That's a good story too. Filled with lots of crying and newly wed forgiveness from my sweet sweet and total understanding of Sally-ness husband.

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