Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Rain Rain go away...

I sang this song with my niece this evening as we left Bible class and I half held her half splashed her feet through the puddles. She giggled the entire time and asked "can we do it again?". Well anyway, I don't really want the rain to go away, it is fun to be cozy and in sweats and Uggs all day but it is posing one problem...water leaks around the house. Now you are probably thinking "In the roof?", nope through the windows. You see we bought this adorable little 1943 cottage but along with the adorable 1943 cottage comes some "out of date" and "needs to be fixed" charms. Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't trade my 1943 cottage for a brand new home, I love all things vintage and a vintage home that I can make my own suits my style. However, I will say I was a little frustrated this evening to find water pouring into our master bedroom through the window sills. APPARENTLY, windows are suppossed to have things called "weeping holes" so that when the sills fill with water during rain storms (like todays) they can drain and the water just flows right out to the exterior. Our weeping holes are either backwards or non-existent!!! The water was collecting in the sills and then seeping through the walls making little pathways between the paint and the sheet rock and then eventually onto the wall and onto our floors. NOT A GOOD THING!!!! The little lumpy patches around the west facing window sills that looked like someone took putty to them but I couldn't figure out why they were there now make sense and I now know why they are there!!! Needless to say I have a lot to watch tomorrow since we are going to have more rainy weather and then hopefully soon we can get the weeping holes either drilled in or...I don't even know.


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