Friday, December 10, 2010

Photography Excitement

So excited...Jeremiah and I are having our pictures taken by my wonderful friend and photographer, Melissa McClure, today!!!  We never got engagement pictures taken before we got married so I thought it was time to have some casual (none big white dress) professional pictures taken of us.  We are going to a secret spot of hers and I just can't wait.  I have been outfit planning all week and have gone through about 4 outfits in my head.  I want to be casual but not to couples cliches (matchy matchy you know).  I want to have some funk to my outfit but also be timeless and not look back at my patterned dress, polka dot tights and stripped sweater (a fav outfit right now, I love mixing the patterns) and think, "what was I thinking?".  I think I am going to opt for a classic pair of jeans, a plain but embellished shirt and maybe a scarf or some other fun accessory, thanks sister for your help. 

I am a little nervous because I think I am totally un-photogenic but Melissa is a master and I know we're in good hands.  Lets just hope Jeremiah actually smiles and doesn't do his little smirky face that makes him look constipated ;).

P.S.  Melissa took the picture just to the right of this post on my sidebar, it is one of my business headshots.

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