Monday, October 17, 2011

Catch up

So before I share all the wonderful details of our beautiful baby Boy, I thought I would catch up on what happened before our little man was born.

1.  My wonderful hubby Jeremiah turned 31.  We celebrated by spending time with family and having a nice dinner at my parents house with his family and favorite foods.  I dont have any pictures from the day but here is a picture of my 31 year old hubby jumping while I test out the features on our new Canon Rebel DSLR...
Please ignore the "power tower" in our bedroom that has become a clothes hanger for Jeremiah, he promises that it will be gone soon but of course is still sitting there.
2.  We/I got a new Canon Rebel DSLR T2i as my 30th/our baby present.  We are having so much fun playing with all the settings and learning how to use it together.  We have taken some really great shots with it so far and are really very happy with it.  Here is a picture of Maddy that we took with our macro lens.
3.  I turned the BIG 3-0!!!  Well technically my twin sister and I did but she was out of the country (in Germany and Spain) for the big event and I was 40 weeks and 2 days pregnant and very uncomfortable.  Again, we didn't do anything big, just dinner and cupcakes at my parents house.
Here is picture of how big and pregnant I was that day.
And that is all that happened from August 31st till the start of Eli's arrival.  Just 27ish hours after this picture was taken all the "fun" events started that led to Eli's big birthday.  Hope to share soon!


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