Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Fun

After we went to church on Sunday, we headed to my parents house for a relaxing and festive Easter Sunday.  It was filled with a little Easter Egg hunt which was Eli vs. Uncle Jeremy...Uncle Jeremy won!  Poor Eli ;)
Here he is finding a blue egg with Daddy, can you see Unle Jeremy in the background with his basket :).
Me and my little Easter Boym we had bunny ears for him but forgot them at home :(
He was still very successful in his hunt.

My preggo sister who saw this picture and said "I look pregnant!"  Well yeah sister, thats what happens :)
Nani and Poppy with Eli
Papa and Eli after dinner
Mommy and Eli
Silly Daddy and Eli
And our beautiful Easter cake from Sweet Sisters Bakery.

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