Thursday, May 3, 2012

Don't give up on me!

I'm still here.  House projects, wedding season, shower planning, and an adorable 7 month old are keeping me away from the computer but I am still here.  I haven't had a chance to take final shots of the kitchen floor yet because I can't seem to find time to mop it :).  I will do that soon though I promise.

Wedding season is in full swing with some awesome weddings already completed.  I got a lovely review from a MOB today that made me feel good but at the same time I got an email from a bride who wants to discuss the quality of her peonies when she gets back from her honeymoon.  You can't win them all and unfortunately I can't control Mother Nature and some things (like quality of flowers) are out of my control.  I made it work in the end and think that the wedding turned out beautiful.  Enough on that...

My sisters adorable Birds and BEE themed shower is coming right along.  I made these adorable invites and the RSVP's are rolling in.  I can't wait to share all the details when it is all over.  Lots of projects and details to share.  Click HERE for a blank .pdf printable so you can use it for a shower or party you are throwing, all you have to do is add a text box.
And then there is my little Eli...more adorable everyday and more and more active as well.  He is crawling all over and we have yet to baby proof the house.  Need to seriously get on that!  We had some rough nights last week which is very unusual but then he found his stomach and all is well at night again, fingers crossed.
It's been really hectic around these parts and doesn't seem like it will slow down so I will try to keep up on my blogging as best I can.  There is so much to share but it seems like I can never find the time.

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Melissa said...

Hi! Needle in a haystack here, but what are the odds that you still monitor this page? I looove your cute invite, but am not so super computer savvy. Do you have this file as a jpeg or something that'll allow me to use it as an object, rather than a whole document? I don't have a program that allows me to edit pdfs. At least I don't think I do... Anyway, hope you're doing well!