Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Backyard Chickens!!!!!

Our newest venture...BACKYARD CHICKENS!!!

Not sure about it but I am accepting it with open arms.  A few years ago...pre-Eli...I watched a Martha Stewart episode about Backyard Chickens and I was all for it.  I was gonna get some chickens, have fresh eggs and be an urban farmer.  Now, I have a 1 year old, a busy wedidng floral business and the thought of taking care of chickens is full of mixed emotions.

So far we have the coop about 80% built and we had 1 chicken but as of late...he is DEAD!  He ACCIDENTALLY jumped out of the box he was in and into an empty bucket of water in the flower studio.  Now I know I should never leave empty buckets with water around because Eli could fall in them but it was a busy wedding weekend and I forgot to empty them.  I never imagined the poor chicken would try to go for a swim!  Poor guy!

We are planning to get about 3 or 4 chickens and this is the little coop we have built.  My sister in law and brother in law are mostly going to be in charge of them but I am sure I will be happy to help here and there.

We still need to construct the door and get 2 dog houses and/or nesting boxes for the hens to lay their eggs.  I will definitely keep you all updated. 

Oh and this is what little Mister was up to while we were building...getting dirty in true country fashion.
Oh and if you have any advice for me I would love to hear from anyone that has backyard chickens.


redheadchick said...

Haha, no personal experience but my relatives have had chickens for years. I know they feed them dinner scraps (vegetables, potato skins, corn cobs, fruit etc) in addition to regular feed!

ruthie said...

cant wait to have fresh eggs from you guys when have an overload. i heard fresh hard bolied eggs are REALLY good!