Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Updated Exquisite Blooms

I have updated both my website and my work blog...
Here is a picture from the update, love the way the colors look.

Nothing new on the wedding planning front right now, I am staying busy contacting leads from the Bridal Bazaar and making appointments. My mom, sister and I go to Calistoga next week so I will get the site confirmed and booked and then really start planning all the fun little details. So far some of my random ideas are...

  • gray table linens with a yellow and white patterned runner
  • vintage crystal dishes for the table: creamer/sugar, butter plates and s & p shakers
  • white soy candles in vintage crystal pieces all different shapes and sizes
  • lots of twinkly lights around
  • seating for dinner down in an orchard in the trees
  • natural, organic, eclectic, vintage setting


SHANNON said...

As usual, everything looks incredible. Let me know how your trip up north goes. :)

Lisa R said...

i love those colors as well! The flowers make it pop!