Wednesday, April 29, 2009

17 days, 5 minutes and 39 seconds!!!!!!!!!

That's what the countdown said when I started writing this. I can't really believe it is that close, it seems like we just got engaged and now we are about to be married!!!

Any last words of advice??? If I can just get through this last bridal show I will be in the home stretch with a million things to do :). I need to make the brides maids jewelry, pick out gifts for them, make the itineraries, programs, name cards, favors (Lisa :)), gift bags, etc, etc, etc.

It will be fun though, I work really well under pressure. Hopefully I won't get to crazy though and have Jeremiah second guessing this whole marriage thing :).

17 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Shannon said...

Yea! A post. I was getting a little worried without even a twitter in 6 days. I already sent an e-mail with a little bit of advice but, really, just keep being you.
We can not wait! So excited!