Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!!!

My sister broke my camera so I haven't been able to take updated pictures of the house so I have nothing new to show you guys. We got a new area rug (not quite sure I like it), it's not the one I wanted so I am getting used to it. We still need to paint but the floors look amazing.

My sister got married last weekend
From Exquisite Blooms
but I didn't take any pictures for myself so I don't have anything to show. This picture is from Rachel's camera. We had such a good time and everything turned out beautiful!!! I can't wait to share the photographers photos.

It's Halloween tonight but we didn't do anything festive :(. We went to dinner at our friend Jacy's house and had a nice dinner with good conversation and handed out candy but nothing to exciting. Maybe next year we will have a little less going on and quite possibly a little one to dress up :):):).


Jesse said...

are you telling us something? Cause when you are telling us something and I read it on your blog I want to be able to think, "yep I already know that!" (not sure if you put quotes around thoughts) Just saying I don't want to find out what you are saying on your blog, I want to know RIGHT after you tell Miah and maybe your mom and sister and well, nevermind BEFORE you tell Miah...after that the line gets too LONG!!! Just kidding and I can't wait till you are telling us something!


Jesse said...

OOps that was me not Jesse!

Shannon said... Elizabeth has me curious. Is there something to tell?! I was getting on here to tell you I miss your Halloween parties but this is much more exciting :)