Wednesday, March 17, 2010

So, I was a "model" on Monday

Those of you who know me know that I am NOT comfortable in front of a camera.  I don't think that I am photogenic AT ALL!  Sometimes the camera will capture the perfect angle of my imperfect nose and sometimes my crooked smile is not so crooked and if its a really good day my right eye won't squint while smiling.  Yes I know everyone has their insecurities but those are mine when it comes to being photographed.  Well on Monday I was asked to make a bouquet for a photo shoot that some photographers put together in San Juan Capistrano and at the last minute they asked me to be the model as well.  I was excited to wear my bridal gown again but worried about the whole picture taking thing.  I left the shoot so insecure and thinking that I had completely wasted 3 photographers time in ruining all of their pictures!  Well I am still not confident in my "modeling" abilities but they did capture some awesome shots.  Bethany Murphy is the 1st to post some pics and she took some awesome shots, so I thought I would share some here with you all...

You can see the rest here.

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