Thursday, June 10, 2010


I just watched the season finale of GLEE and let me just tell you, "It was AMAZING!!!!!!".  It literally brought tears to my eyes throughout the entire episode.  It wasn't from the emotional character moments that I was getting misty, it was the amazing songs that turned on the water works for me.  A Journey medley!  Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody! To Sir with Love! Over the Rainbow!  All so amazing and I loved every minute of it. Lets face it, all of these songs are so so good and stir up memories and moments from our past that we will always remember.  For me Journey has always been so much fun to sing and dance to but some of the memories that I really think of when I hear Journey are:

  • riding in my Uncle Vincents 19-eighty something blue Ford Ranger truck with my sister and cousin Sarah (sharing seat belts, no airbags, so illegal now) going who knows where with my uncle but listening to Journey, Jefferson Starship, Eric Clapton and being so happy
  • dancing and singing with friends at parties, downtown, in the car, you name it, no matter where we are we sing it with belted voices and animated faces
  • most recently...our wedding where this shot was taken.  Our reception was filled with so many good songs and lively dancing and this is a perfect shot to represent how much fun we had, this is my sister and girlfriends singing "Don't stop believing" to Jeremiah.  Such a fun night :)

Then we have Queen, oh how I love me some Queen!  The Queen greatest hits CD was my VERY 1st CD ever!  I bought it at "The Warehouse" the day after Christmas circa 1993 and thought I was sooo cool.  My sister ended up claiming it as her own and played "Bicycle" over and over till I wanted to scream but now I listen to it with fond and loving memories. 

Finally we have "Over the Rainbow", such a classic and so many memories.
  • I had, well still have, a toy from when I was little, that played "Over the Rainbow" and had a little picture on the back of a little boy and girl walking over a rainbow to a field of flowers.  I would look at that little illustration and imagine what was on the other side in that perfect little field and day dream about playing there. 
  • watching The Wizard of Oz as a child and being amazed when Dorothy wakes up and is suddenly in color
  • going to Hawaii with my family in 2004 and hearing IZ everywhere in Hawaii singing it, that song will always be the theme of our Hawaiian family vacation.
The whole episode made me wish I had been more musically or theatrically inclined (oh and not shy) in high school so I could have been dancing and singing on stage with Sound and Music Machine (yes I said it former Barons, I wish I would have been out there with you in the blue sequins!) because it just looks so fun!  A true form of self expression and excitement! 

Bottom line, watch Glee!

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