Tuesday, June 8, 2010

It's Summer!!!

Well technically summer starts on June 20th but June 8th is close enough :).  My summer will be filled with many things this year, these are just a few...
  • 21 weddings (in the next 12 weeks)
  • this bathing suit (if I ever make it to the beach)
  • family visits (going to Riverdale, Texas coming here)
  • the traditional July 4th celebration in Coronado
  • finally finishing the interior redecorating of our home (our bedroom is the last/next on my list)
  • flower photo shoots
  • lots of movies (Eclipse being 1st on that list)
  • girly hang outs
  • LISA and DAN's WEDDING!!!
  • hopefully some good quality "summer time" with my hubby even though we will be crazy with weddings
  • P90X, Miah and I are going to challenge ourselves to stay committed to it, follow the journey with us :)
  • this album with this song in particular

Happy Summer!!!

P.S. no new kitchen updates yet, but we are getting close :)

1 comment:

Megan said...

We saw Lady Antebellum last summer at the Lakeside Rodeo grounds for $5. It was super fun! Also, let me know how the PX90 goes, I having been telling Tim I want to do that workout, except for the fact we don't have a TV.