Monday, January 3, 2011

Sitting on top of the World

2011 is here and I am so excited for everything that it will bring!

Lots to share but also lots of newly engaged to attend to so I don't have time right now.  I have big things planned for 2011 so hopefully this blogging journey will get kicked up a notch and I hope that whoever still reads this will stay for the adventures.

Meanwhile, have you seen this amazing Succulent Wreath?!?!?!  An old friend sent it over to me a few weeks ago and I am just itching to make it; the tutorial is excellent.  Enjoy...
My sisters neighborhood is chalk full of yards with succulents, a little snip here and a little snip there while we walk  the dogs won't hurt, right? ;)

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Shannon said...

Looking forward to what 2011 has to bring as well. Love the wreath!