Monday, December 5, 2011

Holiday Photos

In a rush to get Christmas cards out, we had a few impromptu photos shoots today.  I knew I wanted to take Eli's picture in the Santa outfit he got last month and I also wanted to take an annual family photo.  I accomplished the first one earlier in the day by simply propping him up on his Boppy pillow.  He had such a great time being Santa and he looked so cute with his little fists under his chin.  Later in the day when my brother-in-law got home, we rushed outside for the last bit of sunlight and he took our family photo in the back yard.  The funny thing is, I have been wanting a new fence for the backyard for a while now and usually hate looking at the old one, but it ended up being the perfect back drop, yeah for old fences!  After a little Photoshop editing here are the end results.

The first one ended up being turned into a Christmas card and I posted it to all my Facebook friends and family.  The second one will be our family photo and will be framed.  The last one is our Christmas card photo because we just couldn't leave little Maddy out of the yearly photo.  I love how they turned out and I had fun editing them in photoshop, I think I am getting better.  It is so easy using the actions I talked about last month that I bought from Bloom & Grow photography.

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