Monday, January 23, 2012

70 years is a LONG time

We recently got back from a wonderful vacation in Texas where we got to visit with family and celebrate Jeremiah's grandparents 70th wedding anniversary.  Yep that's right 70 years!  To be honest, the magnitude of 70 years didn't hit me until a few days before we left, my dear friend Lisa's husband said, "well I guess we'll never make it to 70 Lisa" and I thought "why not?".  Duh!  Because he would be over 100 years old and the likely hood of that happening is slim to none, sorry Lisa :).  Then I realized that pretty much no one these days makes it to 70 years of marriage simply because of age and Grandma and Grandpa Woody really had something to celebrate.  Grandma Woody was 14 when she got married and Grandpa was 17 so now they are 84 and 87 respectively and happy as ever.  When you are around them you can really tell that they have had a full life and that they truly do love each other.  I would say that the reason they made it to 70 is not only because of love for each other but because of their common strength and bond which is their love and honor of God that they keep in their lives and their hearts.  They are a shinning example of FAITH.

Happy Anniversary Grandma and Grandpa Woody!
We also had a wonderful time visiting with all of our other Texas family which includes 2 of Jeremiahs brothers, Jeremiahs sister, 2 of our sister-in-laws, 6 nieces and 4 nephews.  All of them have lived in San Diego at one time or another and we used to have lots of family time but over the years we have lost more and more to that big state of Texas.  It was a wonderful time and I miss them all so much already.
 The whole family.
Me and my wonderful sister-in-laws.
 Me swinging with Eli.
Family picture at our nephew, Zachary's, birthday party.

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Shannon said...

What a sweet tribute. Your Texas family misses you guys too! Hugs. :)