Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas 2011/Eli's First Christmas

Christmas is such a fun time of year and this year was even better since we got to share it with our precious Eli.  He just turned 3 months on Christmas Eve so he didn't actually realize what was going on but it was still fun to have him be a part of all the festivities.

On Christmas Eve our tradition is to go to my in-laws house and celebrate with the entire family.  That was exactly what we did, but instead of it being the beautiful chaos of 10+ grandchildren and 3 or more sister-in-laws in the kitchen, it was really mellow with only 4 total (including Eli) grand kids and only 2 sister-in-laws.  A lot of my in-law family lives in TX and this year they all stayed home for the holidays.  Not to worry though, coming this Friday, the entire Gonzalez family will be back in TX all together...can't wait.  So this year on Christmas Eve we ate a nice meal and then had a very mellow present opening celebration.  Eli got to experience his first present opening with his Uncle David.

The Gonzalez gift opening tradition is that the youngest opens thier gift first and then so on and so on until the oldest opens theirs last.  Here are the 4 gift openings that we shared in this year and this was Eli's first year as the youngest one.

After the fun at the Gonzalez house was over, we headed to my parents house to spend the night so that we would be there Christmas morning, I have never spent a Christmas morning away from my parents house.  We woke around 7 AM and my sister and brother-in-law came over to open presents (then they went back to their house to open with her in-laws) then it was breakfast and off to Church.

It was a fun weekend filled with lots of traditions, friends and family.  We have evening photos of the little guy in a rather cute and borderline embarrassing Baby's 1st Christmas outfit that I will share another day.

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