Friday, August 14, 2009

Growing Older

Ok, so I'm not 75 or anything but sometimes I feel like I am getting so much older and it seems so long ago that I graduated from high school and college. It's been 10 years since BV and 6 years since SDSU!!! WOW!!!

Our high school reunion is coming up in October and while I swore up and down that I, WAS NOT under any circumstance going to the reunion, I found myself giving in to Lisa and Erin and now we are all going!!! Mixed feelings for sure, not sure why but still they are there. One reason I guess would be that I see most of my friends from high school and we are still close, so why the need for a reunion? Never the less, I am going. Maybe it will be fun?!?!?!?

This little rant leads to today's "Moment of Inspiration"

What Does it Mean to Grow Older?
What does it mean to grow older?
It means to grow wiser each day,
To Appreciate more fully
The joy life sends our way.
It means finding pleasure in little things-
A word, a smile, a thought,
To play and dream but not forget
The joys the past has brought.
It means to value having friends
And loved ones always near,
To learn from each experience
And cherish every year.

I really like this little "moment" because it makes me think about what I truly cherish and what brings me joy...
My wonderful newly wed husband :). He is so sweet and funny and goofy and full of ideas and dreams and we have so many memories together to always remember and build on.

My sister and my girlfriends...we always have fun and laugh about silly things. And while some I have known since birth and some just a few years, I love each one very much.

My family who is always there for me and always supportive...
(doesn't my immediate family look tiny compared to Jeremiah's?)

And while growing old can be freighting and sad, right now I am looking forward to it. Sometimes I think "I don't want to get old!" but for now, growing old means more exciting adventures with Jeremiah like finding a new home, having children and watching them grow.

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Lisa R said...

love you too! And I'm so glad you are going to the reunion! Remember it's all about the pre/post parties!