Thursday, April 29, 2010

3 weekends straight of being away from home :(

So Miah and I are going on our 3rd weekend "away from home". This weekend we will be sleeping in our own beds but we will be at a seminar from 9AM till 10PM Friday through Sunday night.  We are attending something called, "The Landmark Forum" aka (to me) group therapy, because Miah's new mentor suggested it and of course he said yes.  I am getting roped in so he doesn't have to go alone!

I wish we could just stay home and do boring stuff like, yard work, have a BBQ or something fun.  Maybe next weekend!

Here are a few shots from our past 2 out of town weekends...
1st we went to Las Vegas for the Scottish Highland Games with our good friend Jacy who competed in the Drum Major competition; this is a picture of Miah playing with the mase.
Here's a picture of Jeremiah de-linting Jacy's jacket before his inspection. All the drum majors had to line up and a judge comes by and inspects their attire. It's a pretty tough inspection, Jacy got a point off his score for having a piece of dirt between the leather of his shoe and the sole of his shoe and 1 point off for not having his hat tilted the right amount. Jeremiah and I acted as "drum major MOM" both Saturday and Sunday and got him ready for inspection.  We had to get all the lint off his jacket, straighten his socks, make sure his buttons were lined up, etc, etc, the list went on and on.
Here is a picture Jacy and 2 Irish drum majors lined up waiting for inspection.
The next weekend we were off to Temecula for Lisa birthday celebration. We hung out, did a little wine tasting, sat in the jacuzzi and ate till our bellys were bursting. Here's a few pics of us playing "Rock Band", I was the drummer and a mighty good one if I do say so myself.
Don't I look like a total pro?!?!?!
Well, it's off to relax before this 3 day seminar that I am NOT looking forward to. If I come back the member of a cult and try to brainwash you then you know who to blame...

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