Friday, April 23, 2010

New Camera!!!!

So yesterday I was driving home from an appointment when Jeremiah called and this was the conversation we had...
Miah-"you missed UPS"
Me-"what came?"
Miah-"you don't know what you ordered?"
Me-"I didn't order anything"
Miah-"it's the camera you ordered"
Me-"i didn't order a camera"
Miah-"Yes you did, it came today and it says you ordered it on 4/20/2010"
Me-"I swear I did not order a camera (very confused at this point), I have been researching cameras but I haven't bought one"
Miah-"are you crazy? or are you lying? cause there is a camera here with your name on it"
Me-"well I put a couple cameras in 'online carts' but I don't think I ever pushed purchase" (I am very confused now and thinking in my head that maybe somehow me or the computer accidentally hit purchase without me realizing.  Crazy but these were the thoughts going through my head)
Miah-"are you sure you're not crazy?"
Me-"Well maybe I accidentally bought a camera but I really don't think I did because I planned on going directly to the store today to buy one...and now one came, that's so weird! oh wait!  I'll call you back" (now I'm thinking in my head that maybe my sister bought it cause she owes me a camera)

Sure enough, I called my sister and she said that she had bought me a camera and had it shipped so that it would be a surprise :).  The funny thing is that I had seen her the night before and was giving her a hard time because she broke my camera back in September and I had given up on waiting for her to buy me a new one.  I told her I was looking at cameras online and was going to get one the very next day and she gave me a funny look but I didn't pay any attention to it.  She told me over the phone that she was hoping I wouldn't go get one since hers was already in the mail.  It was such a wonderful surprise and I am so excited!  I have been without a camera for so long and have missed capturing fun moments.  Thanks bestest twin sister!

Now that my excuse for not blogging because I have no pictures to post is gone I guess I will have to post more often, huh?  Here are a few shots I have taken so far of our semi-finished living room.

This one shows the really cool "headboard" bench I got in North Park at Pat's on 30th for like $75.  You go in there, pick out a headboard and they turn it into a bench and paint it all for 75 bucks!  I love it so much.  Someday I am going to make a cushion with that fabric that is laying on the bench.
Here is a shot of my Ikeas floating shelves with lots of Thrift Store finds and my favorite wedding photo/canvas I got free on WeddingWire for reviewing my wedding vendors. I need to find something for the bottom shelf, any suggestions?
Here is the couch area which hasn't changed much except for the pictures above the couch from our honeymoon in Italy.  There are supposed to be 4 pictures but one fell off when I was hammering on the outside wall and broke, I need to go get another frame from Ikea.

That's it for now, I am just so happy to have a camera again!

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Brandi Entrekin said...

So what kind of camera did you get?? :)