Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Exciting things could be just around the corner

So in the continuing saga that is conception, Jeremiah and I are hoping that exciting news will be just around the corner for us very soon.  Trying not to get hopes up and trying to always "hope for the best but expect the worst" I feel myself getting anxious.  I don't feel like sharing the entire saga and emotional roller coaster that has taken place over these last few months but there were definitely ups and downs.  We are looking forward as usual and I hope that someday soon I will have exciting news to share, don't worry I'm not teasing you, I really don't have any yet.  Plus of course I will wait the 3 months to make sure that everything is fine, so really I may not have any news of this venture for months and months and months.  I did want to share that we are happy and I am mostly emotionally healed since that very emotional post.  I actually wrote a post a few weeks ago when I was in the "anger" stage but I decided that it was too private and personal to share and just a little too raw, so I scrapped it. 

Another thing that makes me excited is that I have been hearing around town that a number of my girlfriends are pre-go or trying as well so I hope that I get the honor of being pre-go along with them :):):).  

I went to eat with a few girls last week and I was just in awe of how fast a lot of our lives have changed in the past few years.  I feel like one minute we were young single women starting careers and now we spent the whole evening chatting about husbands, potential babies and miscarriages.  Did we grow up?  Maybe.  It was a really nice evening and the fact that I was able to talk about the miscarriage and look people in the eye about it (yep, I had a hard time saying it out loud before and looking at people while discussing it, weird) was a good feeling.  I felt good about it, the talking not the incident, and I was happy to share my story.  It's not like it's a life altering event but to me it felt very personal and disappointing so it was hard to share. 

So bottom line, things are good in that part of this Sally and Jeremiah World.


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Shannon said...

Sally, I am so glad that you have this blog that gives us these glimpses into your life. Thank you. Prayers and Hugs.