Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Some new "RAW" living room pieces

I have been collecting some new pieces for our ever evolving living room decor and can't wait to paint them.

First, I got a new desk that I put under my collage of pictures in the "entryway".  It is very cute and petite and in really good condition, best of all it was only $15 at the local DAV.  I am not sure what color, if at all, I will paint this piece.  I don't want everything to look matchy matchy and I have 2 other new pieces that will be getting a fresh coat of off-white paint and maybe a black glaze to them.  Here it is...
The 2nd piece that I got is actually right next to the desk.  It is one of those old, totally tacky 70's end tables and have some really cool detail but the dark out dated wood just screams shag carpet!  I had originally bought it as a new bed/house for little Madeline but once she got in the little cubby with all her bedding she could barely move around so now it is blanket storage.  I plan on making it look a little more like this

in a creamy off-white and I might even do the glaze technique that All Things Thrifty does so well.  Also, this little find was only $15 as well, it is pretty much the going rate for old furniture at the DAV Thrift Store.

Lastly, my most exciting find was just last Friday, my sister came over and told me that she had a feeling that the DAV was going to have some good furniture that day so we headed over and dun duh dun duuuuh, I found this old thing....
It is replacing the falling floating shelve that was below the TV and that was to short to properly hold the cable box and my brother-in-laws PRECIOUS Playstation 3.  I love love love it!!!  I can't wait to paint it creamy off-white and see those 70's details be transformed and updated.  Stay tuned!  Oh and P.S...this find was a whopping $29!!!  I love finding bargains that I can transform :).

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Anonymous said...

That is great!!!! Love it better than the falling shelf! Get to painting!

Hugs, Elizabeth