Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Italian Honeymoon part 1

I just realized that I haven't blogged our honeymoon!!!! This will probably take a few days...actually I think it will take between 10-15 days to blog everything and make sure you get the real deal of our Italian Honeymoon.

Hmm lets start at the beginning. We left San Diego on Saturday June 6th in the late afternoon to head up to LA. My childhood friend Dominique lives very close to LA so we drove to her house to park Miah's car for the next 2 weeks. Then with the luggage in Dominiques car we headed off to LAX. It was quite exciting to arrive and know that we were hours away from being half way around the world in Italy and I was keeping my fingers crossed that we would be bumped to 1st class since we were such luck :). Regardless we checked in at the Lufthansa ticket counter and were off to our terminal. Here is a little journal entry I wrote while waiting for our plane (don't get to excited, I only wrote in my journal 3 of the 16 days we were gone).

June 6, 2009
After a rough start on our drive from SD to LAX we are sitting at gate 103 of LAX waiting to board our Lufthansa plane. We are surrounded by all sorts of Europeans speaking German, French, Italian, Dutch and other languages that I am not at all familiar with. I feel almost intimidated or scared, not scared in a bad way, scared that I will get on the plane and I won't know whats going on, scared that I will get to Europe and be completely lost! What if I get on the plane and they speak all German and I have to say "Excuse me?" "I don't speak German", and then I will feel dumb. Oh wait, just this minute they made an announcement in English! Yeah!!! I guess I am just feeling self conscience since I have never been anywhere that the people didn't speak English or Spanish (now I feel so un-cool and plain). Miah is sitting next to me and seems to be unaffected by this sudden fear of mine. He is really excited and keeps talking and showing me our Italian travel books that people leant us. Right now he is telling me about thieves in Rome and what to look out for. He actually doesn't even notice that I am writing, he is so excited and so cute :). I am getting excited too but I am just taking everything in and surprised that I am so insecure right now. I am curious and anxious now and ready to get on our plane and start this adventure. In 12 hours we will be somewhere I have always dreamed of going and it seems unreal. So much history to see, people to meet, things to observe and living to do in the next 16 days! (end entry)

It's funny to look back at that journal entry now that the trip is all over because what was I afraid of? We got there and got all over Italy just fine, we learned a little Italian to get us through and everything was fine.

More will start on the 3 entry...the arrival to Rome!

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ruthie said...

you guys didnt take any airport pics? not cool. i dont want to wait 2 more days for pics :( but i am excited to hear detail by detail everything about your trip since i just got a speed version while looking at the pics.