Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Italian Honeymoon Part 5

Okay day 3 in Rome was not to eventful, we went into the city center, had lunch (pizza), and rented a car. Then it was off to Florence!!! We did not have a place to stay in Florence but the trusty Rick Steve's book told us that there was a little old lady in the heart of Florence that rented rooms in her house out to travelers and we decided, "FUN!" Off to Florence we went to find this nice old lady. By the time we arrived in Florence it was late and we had to park on the outskirts of town because cars are not allowed in Florence's city center and had to walk in. It was a far walk and by the time we arrived at the front door of that nights cozy accommodations, it was 11:30 and we were tired. Then we had to ring the bell and when it was finally answered we were scolded by the nice old lady for being late. She showed us to our room and we went to bed.

However, it was a real treat to stay there because it was a true Italian home. Our room had a crochet blank, starched sheets and a china cabinet filled with china from over the years. Plus each surface was covered with a doily and a vase with a fake flower. Very cute :).

Ok that is all for today...more of Florence tomorrow.

Side Note:
Found a book today called "Moments of Inspiration" by Amanda Bradley and in addition to this never ending honeymoon journal I have decided to give a moment of inspiration from this book everyday starting at page 1.

"Wishing you moments
that glow in your heart
like light from stars above.

Wishing you moments
of glad inspiration,
of hope and joy and love."

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