Monday, July 27, 2009

Italian Honeymoon-Part "Venice"

From Florence our little Panda Fiat took us to Venezia...we arrived mid morning and checked into a "camp ground," the 1st of 3 camp grounds we stayed at in Italy. I know you are thinking "camping?!?!" but it is not what you think. Their campgrounds had places for tents and RV's but they also had little mobile home type "cabins" which were complete with beds, mini-fridges and bathrooms. So we checked in and then headed off to Venezia. We arrived by the local bus again and headed into this virtual Disneyland of scenery, history and maze like streets. By far, this is the MOST picturesque place I have ever been. It was everything and more I had ever imagined or envisioned and every corner I turned I wanted to take a picture. I just wish I had a better camera!!!

We walked all over Venice the sights such as, St. Marks square, not to many pigeons out that day, disappointing :(, the Grand Canal and lots of gondolas. I schooled Jeremiah on Venice through the trusty Rick Steve's books but also through my extensive research of Renaissance times from period films :). Very academic!!! We had a delicious lunch at a little restaurant that we never found again because we got lost in the maze but we will always remember the Frito Misto and the Raviolis with a truffle sauce, mmmmm it was so good. We walked along endless canals and enjoyed a peaceful day on the little islands of Venice. It was a great day!!!

Daily Moment of Inspiration:
Follow Your Dream
Follow your dream...
take one step at a time
And don't settle for less,
just continue to climb.
Follow our dream...
if you stumble don't stop
And lose sight of your goal,
press on to the top.
For only on top
can we see the whole view,
Can we see what we've done
and what we can do,
Can we then have the vision
to seek something new.
Press on and follow your dream.

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Lillie said...

I just did a lengthy peruse. Your wedding was beautiful! I love all the splashes of yellow. What a great color. You looked beautiful--- no surprise there. And your honeymoon?! Italy! How wonderful--- what a romantic way to start your life. COngrats!