Tuesday, July 27, 2010

August is in 5 days...eekk

My how time really does fly.  It seems like summer just started and now it is practically over!  Now I know that here in San Diego sunshine lasts well into the Fall but even though it's sunny the atmosphere definitely turns "Fall-ish".  The store decor changes to the holidays, school is back in session and the fall clothes starts appearing.  What happened to the summer?  Where did it go?  What did I do?  The answer is NOWHERE and NOTHING!  Well that's not entirely true, I worked on many weddings, celebrated the 4th of July, participated in pre-Wedding activities with Lisa and her friends but all in all no "typical" summer activities.  I would say I have 4 weeks to make the most of these last few days of summer but I have endless weddings from now until November.  What to do, what to do?!?!?! 

Shall I plan a early week camping trip with just me and the hubs?  No, camping is so much more fun with a group.  How about some mid-week bonfires?  None of my friends like to hang out during the week.  What about the beach?  I took a vow to not get to much sun exposure this year to ward off aging skin damage!  Am I in that "glass half empty" mood again?  I DEFINITELY think so!

I long for a trip...it keeps coming up in my mind and I just can't push it away.  My BFF Rachel and her family took 2 weeks to visit Tahoe, San Fran and Napa...my sister is in Portland and part of Canada for a week...we even have family here from TX on their vacation.  No vacation for me :(.  Where would I go you ask?  Hmm, Hawaii, Caribbean, Spain, Scotland (we were suppossed to go to Scotland for the World Championships with Jacy in 2 weeks but I have 2 weddings that weekend, so sad), Ireland, Mexico, Napa, I don't care I just want to go somewhere!

Alright enough pity party, no travel this year but we did make a commitment to go to Germany next September NO MATTER WHAT!  I have that to look forward to I guess :). 

Thanks for letting me vent as always, for those 5 of you that actually read this, I really appreciate it ;).

P.S.  here are 2 cute pictures of my Maddy who doesn't get nearly enough blog time...


Lisa R said...

I here ya my friend! I feel the same! And the weather really hasn't made it feel like summer either! what's up with that!!! We will make up for it soon enough, but you are right the fall-ish attire and decor will be arriving in our SD stores...hmmm i don't think i am ready for that! Let's hang on to the summer for as long as we can. And you will get to travel in this life time, so cheer up! it's just busy busy season and all the brides of San Diego need your talents!!!

Shannon said...

How about booking a long-weekend-getaway to Napa or SF? You could book it for after the wedding frenzy dies down...I think just having the tripped planned will help with the travel bug :)