Friday, July 16, 2010

Next Project...bedroom

I know that I said I was going to move on to the outdoors but I really need to get our bedroom finished, well actually I need to start it, so that we can have a calm and comfy room when we are tired from working outside. I bought this headboard on yesterday and it will be the 1st piece to start this room transformation.
These are some inspiration photos that are helping me design the bedroom of my dreams :).
This one (above) is from Young House Love and we already have the shelves next to our bed so all I need is to attach a curtain to them to hide the books and voila, instant calm.  Well almost, I still have to paint and do a few other things but then it will be calm and serene.  The only problem is that I have my home office in the same room but I am trying to come up with inventive ways to hide the office or at least make a soft separation between the 2.

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