Monday, April 11, 2011

1st belly photo

17 weeks in and this is the 1st "belly" photo we have taken.
I did have Jeremiah take one with my shirt up but it was just to much skin, ewww.  It is such a weird phenomenon to go from always wanting your stomach to be flat to now feeling like it isn't growing fast enough, I keep thinking "when am I going to actually look pregnant?".  Hopefully we will remember to take weekly, if not bi-weekly photos to see how the belly progresses.

On other belly news, I think I am feeling the little guy fluttering around.  Not full kicks but definitely something is moving around in there.

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Shannon said...

Awww. You look really good! Exciting news on the flutters too :). So glad you keep up with this blog. It helps us stay more connected to this exciting time!