Wednesday, April 27, 2011

20 weeks

We're half way there!!!

Now I know I promised to post some belly photos, and we did take them, but Jeremiah always takes my camera to work and I never have it here with me to download to pictures.  Better than a belly picture though, is this cute profile picture of Baby Eli...
And this shot confirming that he is in fact a little boy, something my sister was skeptical about since our "gender reveal" ultrasound was done at a mall rather than a doctors office.
Now that I am 20 weeks and half way there I am getting so excited to just hold our little baby and start our new life as a little family together.  I am beginning to wonder more and more what he will look like and who he will take after.  Will he have dark black hair and light light skin like Jeremiah or will he have olive toned skin and light brown hair like me.  Maybe he will be a red head with pink skin and blue eyes like my dad and grandmother.  Whatever he looks like I am sure that he will be the most beautiful baby I have ever seen.  After all I think that my precious pug Madeline is the most adorable dog I have ever seen and so many people complain about how ugly she is, she truly has a face only a mother could love.

So at 20 weeks, I am feeling really good and really starting to feel the little guy kick.  The other night I was sitting in bed playing words with friends or reading blogs or something and I had my iPad resting on my belly when all of a sudden Eli kicked and I could see it plain as day right through my belly skin.  Kinda freaky but so cool!  Guess he didn't want me resting anything on him :).  Since then I have felt a few real kicks throughout the day but nothing regular yet.  My belly is definitely starting to be noticeable and doesn't just look like I have a gut from too many bean and cheese burritos.  I haven't had any real food cravings yet but hot dogs are really starting to call my name; what's funny is I don't really even eat hot dogs but since I can't have them, I WANT THEM!

Overall, things are really good and we are very excited.  Also, I hope that really soon I will have more house projects to share.  I still have a few things I want to finish before I start Eli's room so that when he gets here I will feel at peace with my surroundings, right now I am loathing my unfinished master bedroom :(.

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