Friday, April 1, 2011

Baby Boy G Nursery

So this is what I have so far.
I love it, it is the perfect mix of baby and will match the rest of our home decor perfectly.  

I actually have left over paint from when I painted the kitchen, I bought 2 gallons and only need 1/2 a gallon, so I am ready to start painting.  I have the crib which I bought brand new in the box on craigslist for $40 and now I am on the hunt for the dresser which will serve as the dresser/changing table.

I am reconsidering the rug color though because our floors are actually chocolate colored hardwood flooring so the rug would just get lost, I will probably go for something like a taupe or maybe a cool blue print design. 

For the bedding, I love the one on the picture but I think I might attempt making my own bedskirt and bumper since this one is $280 for the 2 pieces.  I think I can do it and if not, I know my aunt can :).

Besides that I just need the rocker, which is pretty expensive, and thats it.  The room is tiny so I won't be able to get much in there anyway, a few accessories here and there but not much.  Can't wait to get it started in the next few months.

Crib: Jenny Lind Crib
Bedding: Linen Baby
Rocking Chair: Carolina Cottage
Pillow: Walmart
Dresser: Eco Friendle Home
Rug: Shaggy Raggy
Fabric: Dahlia
Pictures: see this post


Shannon said...

So sweet! Love the prints.

Lisa said...

So cute! I love it all!