Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Cute prints

I was browsing Etsy today and found these prints...

(these are from the Etsy seller,  trafalgarssquare)
I think they are perfect for a baby boys nursery.  I love them!

I also found and love this one, plus these are the colors I want to use in Baby G's nursery.
(Etsy seller, AppleBlossomPrint)

Feeling baby boy inspired today :)  Currently working on an inspiration board that I hope to share soon.  We are also working on names, middle name has been decided (big story behind that one) but we haven't nailed down a 1st name yet.  I have a heavy contender but have to do some final discussing with Jeremiah.  Once we decide though that will be it I think, for the most part once I make up my mind on something, I start envisioning things that way and it sticks.  Lets see if its the same for our babys name. 

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chad said...

Hi , I love this baby pic and would like to use in my website. Is that ok?