Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Kitchen Paint is Done!

But first lets start (as always) with a before shot...
And now for a completely re-done (minus the floors) KITCHEN...
(I used Behr Premium Plus (Low VOC) semi-gloss paint, the color is Indulgent Mocha)
This little laundry area definitely needs some help but aside from buying the new front loaders and building a cabinet, I don't know how to help it out.  Table skirt?  Wicker baskets/bins?

As far as my little curtains go, I wanted to make something that matched for the areas that don't have cabinet doors.  Off to Target I went looking for something that would work and ended up buying the cutest shower curtain that I cut up and made into these three curtains.
I am contemplating getting 2 more to use as the curtains at the back door but I am thinking that it may be too much, what do you think?

For now I am pretty much done, kinda, I will be on the look out for some cute prints to place here and there on the walls but other than that and the flooring, I am DONE!!!

Well I still want to paint that wallpaper on the wall behind the stove but I am to nervous to move the stove and mess with the gas line.  Here is where it will go when I do it...

Ok, so maybe I'm NOT done but I am close :).

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ruthie said...

I really like the curtains. Very cute! Can't wait to see it in person.